CCF Ambassador Program

While each family’s experience with pediatric cardiomyopathy is unique, many parents find it beneficial to talk to someone who has been in or is currently in a similar situation. CCF’s Ambassador Program offers new families the opportunity to connect one-on-one with other affected family members who are registered with CCF and trained to provide resources, guidance and support.

Upon registering, CCF members are invited to connect with a parent ambassador, but a CCF member can request an ambassador at a later date. CCF will try to match a family to an ambassador in their state, and within two weeks a CCF Ambassador will reach out to offer support and information.

Role of Ambassador

CCF’s parent ambassadors play an important role in assisting the foundation to reach more affected families and medical/health professionals with the information and resources that they need. CCF Ambassadors also help to:

  • Build a stronger community of cardiomyopathy patients and family members
  • Strengthen relationship with top heart centers and medical professionals
  • Increase awareness of pediatric cardiomyopathy in their community


Registered parents are eligible to be CCF Ambassadors if they are at least one year post-diagnosis and registered with CCF for at least 4 months. This allows time for the Ambassador to adjust to their child’s diagnosis, learn about the disease, and familiarize themselves with CCF.


Ambassadors can serve in their local community, statewide or even regionally; it is up to each volunteer.


Ambassadors can choose the projects they would like to work on, which may include:

  • Reaching out to medical professionals and hospitals
  • Providing information and support to affected families
  • Leading a grassroots advocacy campaign to support cardiomyopathy related legislation
  • Presenting to schools or community organizations to increase awareness of pediatric cardiomyopathy
  • Representing CCF at a health fairs or medical/health conferences
  • Working with CCF to develop new patient materials or support services


Ambassadors can determine their level of involvement based on their interests and availability.

In order to be appointed as an ambassador, applicants must submit an interest form, signed confidentiality statement, review the training manual and complete a phone orientation. Contact Gina Peattie, Patient Outreach & Support Manager for details.

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