Family Assistance Program

The Childrenís Cardiomyopathy Foundationís Family Assistance Program helps qualifying families in need of financial assistance with cardiomyopathy-related medical and non-medical expenses not covered by their health insurance plan. For qualifying families, the program will cover reasonable fees up to $2,000.

Expenses Covered

  • Treatment fees including clinical procedures and tests, medication, physical and occupational therapy, medical equipment and items, and medically necessary dietary supplements, special foods or formulas

  • Displacement fees during a child’s in-hospital treatment period including travel, lodging, child care, food, gas, parking, tolls, and local transportation

  • Health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays


  • Child is diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and is receiving treatment by a pediatric cardiologist in the United States

  • Child is 18 years of age or younger

  • Child and parents or legal guardians are citizens of the United States, and each individual has a social security number

  • Parent or guardian files a U.S. federal or U.S. territory (in U.S. dollars) income tax return claiming the child as a dependent

  • Family’s income falls within 300% of federal poverty level guidelines

Before completing the application, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section. Details about the eligibility criteria are available by downloading the program guidelines and application.

If you feel that your family and child might be eligible for this program, please contact Gina Peattie, Patient Outreach & Support Manager at 866-808-2873 ext. 905 or by email

Frequently Asked Questions


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