Bereavement Resources

When a baby or a young child dies, it is difficult to make sense of such an unnatural and tragically wrong event. For parents who have lost a child to cardiomyopathy, the emotional loss can be as difficult to accept as the physical loss. It is not unusual for a family's beliefs and perspective on life to be altered during this time.

It is normal for a grieving parent to experience a range of emotions – shock, confusion, anger, sadness, guilt, and helplessness at different stages or together in different degrees. Initially, you may feel numb or bewildered about life without your child. You may have difficulty eating, sleeping and may neglect your appearance. Over time, shock and denial may give way to anger over what has happened and then guilt for not being able to save your child. Sadness and depression often follow with episodes of fatigue, crying and aimlessness.

It is important to remember during the bereavement process to be patient with yourself, your partner, and your family. Everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace. While a parent may never “get over” the loss of their child, the pain of losing a child becomes less intense. Eventually families learn to adjust and integrate the loss into their lives.

For a list of bereavement resources, please visit our Bereavement links page.










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