4th International Conference on
Cardiomyopathy in Children

The 4th International Conference on Cardiomyopathy in Children was held on May 18-19 in Bethesda, Maryland. Nearly 60 leading researchers and clinicians convened to exchange ideas on pediatric cardiomyopathy, heart failure and heart transplant. Proceedings will be published in Progress in Pediatric Cardiology beginning Fall 2017. A video highlighting the story of three CCF families was shown to set the tone for the subsequent presentations and panel discussions.

4th International Conference on Cardiomyopathy in Children

Neha Bansal, MD, Children’s Hospital of Michigan; Lisa Yue, Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation; Aimee Cowher, Kyle John Rymiszewski Foundation; Steve Lipshultz, MD, Wayne State University View additional conference photos

Conference Sponsors

Conference Sponsors Cincinnati Children's   Novartis MyoKardia   Jarvik Heart Macquarie Group Foundation   Kyle John Rymiszewski Foundation Invitae  


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