One Child

out of 100,000 is diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

For every diagnosed child, there is most likely another undiagnosed child at risk of premature death.


67 percent

of cases have no known cause.

Research holds the key to understanding the disease and finding more effective treatments.


A new heart

is sometimes the only treatment option.

Cardiomyopathy is the leading cause of heart transplants and sudden cardiac arrest in children.



changes lives forever.

CCF provides families the support and resources needed to cope with their child’s chronic disease.



is in a cure for every child with cardiomyopathy.

Together, we can give voice to this silent disease that affects so many.

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Be a part of the team working to defeat this disease. Get involved, contribute and spread the word to give big hope to kids with big hearts.
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Behind their bright smiles is a child battling a serious heart disease with no cure. The courage and strength of our Heart Kids is the motivation behind our mission.
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Cardiomyopathy touches too many children to be ignored. Educate others and impassion legislators to take action on behalf of children with this chronic heart disease.
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