Advocacy Training & Tools

You have the ability to influence policy decision makers but contacting your members of Congress may seem daunting to those who have never taken such action before. CCF is here to assist you in ensuring that your voice is heard at the local and national levels. Whether you want to call, write or personally meet with your members of Congress – or just learn more about the legislative process – all the information and tools you need to get started are included in this section.

Becoming an Advocate

Becoming an advocate means making your needs and CCF’s message known to policymakers. You can help deliver our collective message – pediatric cardiomyopathy deserves more attention to find cures– directly to Congress faster and more efficiently.

Getting Started

CCF has compiled a listing of resources to give you the necessary materials and guidelines to effectively reach out and impact key decision makers to ensure that policies and programs will be supported and implemented.

Finding Your Legislator

You can easily find out who represents you in Congress through an internet search. Visit the below sites and in the top right corner of the page, click on “Find Your Representative” or “Find Your Senators” and either enter your zip code or select your state. Their contact information will show once you click “Go.”

Find your congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives 

Find your Senator in the U.S. Senate

Communicating with Legislators

These quick reference documents will assist you in communicating effectively with your legislators. It is always good practice to send a thank you letter after they respond or after your meeting.

A key point to remember is that in a 2-hour speech, people will remember a 2-minute story. It is your personal story about cardiomyopathy that will inspire your elected officials to take action so that should be the focus of your communication.

Calling a Member of Congress

Writing a Member of Congress

Scheduling a Meeting with a Member of Congress

Tips for Meeting with a Member of Congress

Sample Meeting Request Email

Sample Follow Up Email

Sample Meeting Thank You Letter

Advocacy Resources

Effective advocacy begins with understanding how the system works. CCF has developed an easy reference health policy tool kit and compiled a list of common advocacy terms so you can learn more about the legislative process.

Health Policy Tool Kit

Advocacy Glossary and Terms

To search for the text, status, or cosponsors of a bill, visit Library of Congress or GovTrack.

For background information on CCF or CCF supported legislations visit our public policy resource page.


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